Sunday, August 21, 2011

Honey Stick!

hello hello hello...

dear readers..(do i have one) no no no!

dear blog! haha

today i just bought 1 important thing (welll....its not so important hehe cuz it is just a treat or teatime) for sugar glider! this is my second preparation (1st is mental preparation) for having my babies...hehe

so....this is it!! HONEY STICK!!

seriously i get it for only RM 1 per stick (down town serdang)! which is i think its so cheap compare to other shop!!
so i say to the shop owner! i wanna 10 sticks!! but they only have 8 sticks..and i took all 8! hahaha
and they also sell a big cage for RM100! to me its a reasonable price cuz i know the cage worth RM 150 to RM 200 in other pet shop! im so forgot to snap the picture! but will do later! so wit an advice from my "sumone sumone" we will buy the cage later! hehe will buy the "small small" thing first!

so! stay toon! hahaha

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